VanDerwarker Courses

Undergraduate Courses

ANTH 3SS/Introduction to Archaeology

ANTH 133/Cultural Development in Mesoamerica

ANTH 162/Prehistoric Food Production

ANTH 164/Origins of Complex Society

ANTH 182/Quantitative Analysis in Archaeology

ANTH 186/Lab Course in Paleoethnobotany

ANTH 186Z/Lab Course in Zooarchaeology

ANTH 194P/199/Practicum in Laboratory Analysis

Graduate Courses

ANTH 245A/Quantitative Data Analysis in Archaeology

Core requirement for Archaeology Grad Students

Other Seminars offered under ANTH 206 (Special Topics in Archaeology)

The Archaeology of Gender, Syllabus (PDF)

The Archaeology of Warfare, Syllabus (PDF)

Resource Intensification in Prehistory (Foraging and Farming), Syllabus (PDF)